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Friday, 2 September 2011


Insideout and viceversa is a group show that i curated that looked for links between many creative formats that i engage with and find important as points of reference within my own work.  the artists in the show are illustrators, street artists, fine artists, graffiti artists, painters  and  so much more.  The show was in some ways a process to get many of my creative friends together to exhibit together.  I love finding never before seen artists along side some of the best rising talents within the subculture art scene.  The show was very successful and well received, i look forward to curating the next ones.

The shape-shifters tea ceremony.  
Based on Japanese folklore this painting captures a fox taking part in a tea ceremony, she is contacting her master from within the tea steam...The shapeshifting is not in completion yet, hence why no tails can be sen yet at this image, im thinking that once the tea ceremony has finalised that the shape-shift will have completed and a tail might be seen if not concealed....

The escape
This is just the print to a painting that i sent to a show in Amsterdam. The image is about a russian pigeon that has been released from prison. He finds himself frustrated, finding a conditioned personality that he holds as a parrot is just to much for him and he peruses an escape from his new identity, resorting back to his natural incriminating habits.

Hiphop wakes the night

I have been inspired by hiphop for many years and often find parts of the culture creeping into my work.  im also a deejay and therefore play loud music through the night. When i was living in falmouth cornwall i would walk back from the bars with my records and see the owls flying around.  I like the idea that the, beady eyed mcs with conscious-wise lyrics might like this connotation.

Seven of cubs
If bears played cards, u know u wouldn't fuck around with them, even if u found them cheating.  I dont think that this bear would play fair, but i dont think i know anyone about to challenge his hand...
                                                     the painting hanging in the show at  london west bank gallery 


Tattoo dilemas

These next two paintings were painted with a good friend of mine, Vera Edwards, she lives in San-Fran California now and we dont get to see each other often.  She also had a painting of her own hung in the show.  The girls are from the suicide girls collective, a group of rebel don't give a fuck about consequences type group of hella-sexy girls.  Vera became obsessed with them and so we did these paintings as  an excuse for her to buy the book, i think in some ways she wanted to be a part of this collective scene...anyway she did the naked girls and i did the animals heads, due to her move to SF i ended up finishing the paintings working into the girls a bit too.

You think i love you?

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